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Book Two, Episode One

A Dysfunctional Family


In the beginning…

…God created the heavens and the earth and he saw that it was good.  He placed upon the earth creatures of land, sea and sky, and gave care of his creatures to man and women.  For a time all the creatures lived in peace and happiness and God smiled down upon his creatures.

As millenia passed man forgot his charge as caretaker and the creatures fell to wars, and vices, and darkness covered the earth.  God became angry and sent a flood across the lands to cleans it.  As the waters raised his creatures called out to him for mercy; for six days they prayed, cried, pleaded and begged for forgiveness.  Finally he answered their prayers and opened a passageway to safety.  The creatures of our legends and lore fled through the gates to their new home; The World of Origo.


And so the earth was left behind for what promised to be a better place.

I t did not take long, in the cosmic scale of things, till the peace of Origo was shattered and the races of the new land fell to war.  The elves and the dwarves retreated to safe havens and disappeared almost entirely.  The fairy races faded into the land and forest and seas to become tales of legends and the giants slept in the forgotten places as the years turned.  Men and women looking for a better life began to spread across the continent.

So the lands of Origo became much like our world, a place of myths and legends, where magic and mystery faded and were forgotten and survival became the first lesson one learns.

Over thousands of years time progressed, wars were fought, plagues ravaged the lands and the continents themselves were reshaped by powerful magics.   Battles for the very survival of Origo were fought and forgotten as the evils were contained…

…but as it is apt to evil began to seep back into the world.

Now it may be too late….

The Books of Origo

Book 1

Prologue – Theft of the Twins

Episode 1 –Every great fantasy epic starts on a farm, right?

Episode 2 – Farewell Brightstar, you will be missed.

Episode 3 – The calm here after.

Episode 4 – Helena’s Farm.

Episode 5 – Two Families Joined in Ceremony

Episode 6 – Homecomings are always bitter-sweet

Episode 7 – When you can never go home again

Episode 8 – A Sorrow for all Seasons

Book Two

Prologue – A Tale of Sorrow and Rage

Episode 1 – A Dysfunctional Family

Dave Williams



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